In some instances, it may be necessary to lift a house in order to complete certain work, such as basement addition or foundation construction. Whole houses can even be lifted and moved when needed. This is a highly precise and technical process that is generally only used when required, but can allow homeowners to do many things with their homes that would otherwise be impossible. At Galveston Foundation Repair, we offer professional house raising services, also commonly known as house jacking or house lifting. We ensure your house is safely and carefully lifted from its foundation and propped up on sturdy supports.

Purpose of House Raising

There are many reasons why a customer may want their house raised. In our line of work, we most often perform house lifts in order to replace a crumbling or otherwise failed foundation. Of course, there are other common reasons for house raising as well. Some homeowners wish to raise their homes due to issues with flooding, or to add a basement and extra square footage. Whatever the purpose, Galveston Foundation Repair offers the best top affordable house raising service in the area for customers.

House Raising Methods

Lifting an entire building from its foundation is no easy feat. As you can imagine, it requires a team of foundation experts and proper heavy duty equipment. Keeping the structure safely propped up is another concern. Typically helical piers or other types of piers are used as supports. We can raise your home as high as needed to accomplish any necessary work. This is a job you want to entrust to the professionals, and there is no one who compares in knowledge, experience, and skill to the foundation experts at Galveston Foundation Repair.

Professional and Dependable Foundation Specialists

House raising is a feat that you will want to leave in the hands of qualified experts. There are without a doubt many things that can go wrong when a house lift is carried out improperly, including potential damage to the structure, as well as collapse due to insufficient support. Buildings are large and heavy in weight. It takes careful planning and execution to safely lift any structure from its foundations. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to efficiently approach any house raising project and complete it in a smooth and trouble free manner.

Expert Foundation Repairs for Galveston TX

When it comes to foundation repairs and structural engineering, Galveston Foundation Repair is regarded as the best of the best. We have a full team of qualified and experienced foundation experts specializing in all areas of foundation maintenance and repairs. This includes slab repairs, pier and beam repairs, house leveling, house raising, drainage correction, erosion control, crawlspace recovery and more. Give us a call at (409) 600-2605 today to discuss your foundation repair needs or other related concerns and we will be happy to be of assistance.