Most property owners enjoy the sight of plants and greenery around their property. Not only do trees, shrubs, and plants add beauty to the landscape, but they also serve many useful purposes such as providing shade and releasing oxygen. Unfortunately, plants and structures do not always coexist peacefully. Trees and larger plants growing close to structures can pose a threat to the foundation. Invasive root growth can damage the foundation, as well as cause problems with sewer lines, walkways, and hardscape features. This can be prevented by installing a root barrier around structures that are at risk of damage.

Preventative Foundation Care

It is always better to stop a problem before it occurs. This is especially true when it comes to foundation problems that can be costly and time consuming to repair. If you have trees and plants with large roots growing near your home, you may consider placing a root barrier around the perimeter of the building in order to ensure the roots are not able to reach the structure where they can cause all kinds of damage. This protects your property without causing any harm to the trees or plants that make up your landscape.

Happy Coexistence

At times, man and nature can seem to be at odds. There are ways to mediate this relationship and preserve the best of both. Your property should not have to suffer damage because of natural plant growth and invasive roots, but getting rid of the plants around your home is not the only option. A root barrier when installed properly allows you to keep the trees and plants around your home without risking damage to your house. It will not harm the plant life, and does not noticeably change the landscaping.

Professional Root Barrier Installation

The root barrier is a wall buried within a trench created around the perimeter of the building. The bottom of the wall is buried as deep as the horizontal layer where root growth stops, and the top sits just above the surface of the ground. This ensures that no roots are able to bypass the wall and reach your foundation. The root barrier will be placed far enough from any trees to allow sufficient room for healthy root growth so that the tree can survive and flourish. There may not always be an adequate amount of space for this, however, so please be advised that in some rare instances the tree cannot be saved.

Galveston TX Foundation Specialists

As foundation experts, we deal not only with foundation repairs but also with how to avoid them in the first place. We know through years of firsthand experience assisting customers how stressful and inconvenient a foundation problem can be, so we offer an extensive list of foundation preventative maintenance services to help our customers save money and avoid headaches in the long run.