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The foundation is the base that supports the full weight of a building. It is an impressive feat of structural engineering that allows us to construct large and elaborate residential and commercial buildings on any type of ground surface. With all that constant pressure and stress placed on the foundation combined with the effects of the natural elements, however, foundation problems do occur from time to time. When they do, it is paramount to elicit the help of a qualified and professional foundation contractor who understands how to safely and effectively resolve the specific type of foundation problem you are dealing with. At Galveston Foundation Repair, we have a full team of foundation specialists with knowledge and experience in all areas of foundation maintenance and repairs. We are able to assist with residential and commercial foundation repairs, preventative maintenance, slab repairs, pier and beam repairs, and more. Contact us for a free inspection estimate today!

About Us

Galveston Foundation Repair is located in Galveston, Texas. We are a longstanding business within the community, and a well known name in the foundation repair industry. We have been serving customers in Galveston and the surrounding areas for more years than we can recount, during which we have assisted in the resolution of numerous foundation problems that range from complete foundation failure to minor repairs and maintenance. Homeowners and businesses trust as to assist with a wide range of foundation related concerns, because we have proven time and time again that we offer a reliable, professional, and quality foundation repair service that is comparable to any top foundation company in the country.
We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • Locally owned and operated business
  • We offer high quality foundation repair at a great price!
  • We pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced foundation companies in the Houston area.
  • As foundation consultants, we do our best to present options that work best for you and your family while still providing the highest quality foundation repairs.
  • Financing Available, 0% Down or 0% Interest
  •  Lifetime Transferable Warranty, with No Out of Pocket Costs unlike many other company Lifetime Warranties  
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  • Chamber of Commerce member
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Our range of foundation repairs services span from preemptive maintenance to structural damage repairs for residential and commercial foundations. This provides our customers with greater convenience and ease when searching for a foundation company that can assist with all their foundation related problems and concerns. Our depth of knowledge and skills come from years of experience, and we are fortunate to have the proficiency and expertise to assist customers with any problem big or small. We apply our expertise to delivering satisfactory results for our customers in an expedient and efficient manner. Foundation problems can be upsetting, but we hope to make the experience as smooth as possible for our customers. ​

Area of Service

Our area of service includes Galveston TX and the surrounding areas. We assess each inquiry carefully to determine whether we would be the right foundation company to assist you. As long as we believe the distance will not hinder our ability to assist you and the care you receive, we are happy to assist customers outside of our primary area of service. So please feel free to inquire with us to see if Galveston Foundation Repair is the company for you. If we are unable to assist, we will try to provide a referral to a foundation company near you.

Slab Repair

At Galveston Foundation Repair, we offer a range of slab repair services to help our customers address foundation floor cracks, cracked concrete, and cracked slabs, as well as sinking and settling problems. We approach foundation repairs in a prompt and professional manner, and strive to deliver long term solutions rather than a temporary bandage.

Pier & Beam Repair

In addition to slab repairs, we also offer a full range of pier and beam foundation repairs that include preventative maintenance as well as crawl space recovery and correction of various problems that are unique to pier and beam foundations. We are meticulous and thorough in our assessment and workmanship, ensuring the highest quality pier and beam repairs.

House Leveling

Uneven floors or a sagging home are more than just an eyesore and minor annoyance. These are signs of a serious foundation problem. When a building sinks, it can put excessive stress on the foundation leading to a number of foundation problems that include cracks and structural damage. Our house leveling service not only restores your home to its former position and corrects sloping or unevenness, but it relieves your foundation of undue stress.

Root Barrier

Roots pose a risk of structural damage and harm to the foundation of a building. The foundation of your house can be protected from plants and trees growing near the home with a root barrier. This barrier acts as a wall that stops root growth from reaching the foundation. The barrier is placed around the perimeter of the building and sits mostly underground where it will not obstruct the landscape.

"The team at Galveston Foundation Repair are nice, professional, punctual, and helpful. They did a fantastic job on our crawlspace." - William C.

"Galveston Foundation Repair is the best company for foundation repairs. Affordable, fast, and quality work." - Gavin H.

​"Our sagging floors are perfectly even now. I can't even express how thrilled I am! Thank you!" - Amy T.


Picking up the phone and call us is the extent of the work you need to do to get your foundation problem fixed. Our foundation experts at Galveston Foundation Repair will take care of the rest. From providing a full foundation inspection to performing all necessary repairs and taking preventative maintenance measures mitigate future problems, our foundation repair service attempts to make the process as easy and convenient as possible to minimize the stress of the situation. Give us a call at (409) 600-2605 today to get started, or send us an email by filling in the contact form provided for you on our website.